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Nature Connected Coaching

Business and Life Coaching meets Nature Connection

Ideal Clients
  • Are you looking for support and inspiration to uncover the changes you need to make so that you can feel like your own person again without being pressured to make any major decisions?

  • Are you coming up with all sorts of ideas of where to go next in your life and need help focusing those options so that you can make a clear choice without having to waste a lot of time and energy?

  • Do you realize the power of Nature in healing/growth and looking for more experience around nature-based work so that you can get more clear on what your passions are without committing to an expensive training or workshop?

Hi, I am Brian Spear

Transformational Wilderness Guide | Life Coach

I guide people of all ages through critical stages in their lives, using a blend of mentoring/counseling combined with nature connection practices that you can do on your own that support you in getting more clear on where you want to be in your life and taking achievable steps to get there. People walk out of my programs feeling back on track and in control of their life; they feel more clear and inspired from re-connecting with their passions; and they feel grateful for the support and collaboration from an experienced and caring guide. Now who wouldn’t want that for themselves?

I’m happy to find out how we can work together to make this happen for YOU!
I offer free 30-min consultations and I’d be happy to discuss further how we can collaborate.



Applied Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a state of open and compassionate attending to our own experience as it unfolds moment by moment. In Nature, I use this state of consciousness as a way of bringing you into fuller contact with yourself, so that you can get beyond your habitual ways of thinking and access deeper layers of innate knowing. Often mindfulness is seen as a state that is accessed through sitting or standing postures, but is easily accessed through a variety of techniques intended to engage mindfulness while out on a hike.


I approach this work with compassion, curiosity and respect. I support you to engage with Nature as a vehicle for self-discovery on your own terms and in your own way. My main responsibility is safety and trust, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do nor have to do it in any specific way. I offer suggestions and you take the time to integrate in your own way. This is not something that's done to you, nor is it something you do alone; this is a path we walk together.

Nature - Mind - Body Connection

We experience the world through our senses and respond to it through movement. This is the primary and most fundamental way that we experience ourselves: our animal instincts. It is easy to get lost in thought or interpretations, but by bringing awareness back into the body we tap into a vibrant landscape, rich with opportunities for exploration and growth.

Most of what I offer falls into these areas of meaning:


Transform self-limiting beliefs and liberate a sense of freedom and independence in making your own authentic choices.

Liberation is becoming aware of and deconstructing the cultural and social forces that limit us like invisible fences. Together, we'll travel into your worldview of self limiting belief systems and transform with a healing experience to see who you can become minus all that's been holding you back. This is not easy work, but the results are empowering and lasting long term to change the beliefs you have about yourself and from that place making healthy choices moving forward.



Acquire skills and resources that you've not yet had a chance to learn.

Let's face it, childhood can be messy and challenging at best but it doesn't need to continue to hold you back. I support your access to inner and outer resources leading to a more healthier, stronger and authentic sense of self.




Connection (others and Nature)


Authentic Relationship



Difficult Emotions

Tending to Shame





Finding ways to bring your understanding and self-discoveries together in a meaningful way and into your everyday life.

Healing work and self discovery can be disintegrating, so there needs to be support on the integration end for you to assign meaning and derive purpose from that information. I support you to synthesize the work either done together to get to the core of your insights and facilitate making concrete steps to cultivate these into your everyday life. Consider this the hashtags to your healing process, (and I'm not kidding:)

Click to learn more about Nature Connected Coaching in a free 30-min Consultation



"A Day Program allowed me to step over the threshold of my fears into a more expansive and mindful way of being. It invited a new beginning to a more rich life and an end to what my deepest intuition knew was no longer needed.”

~ Ioan G.

"During our program Brian lead me on walks in Santa Cruz that were based in Mindfulness. Brian took very good care to construct experiences that encouraged my inner child to come out and play. I felt like I was building a necessary skill - to draw inspiration and use instinctual knowledge that comes alive in natural settings. I felt closer to my authentic self as a result of being in nature! I would recommend Brian and Threshold Adventures wholeheartedly!"

~Brandon C.

"I immediately feel at ease, seen, and received each time I interact with Brian. He is a genuine, authentic, and caring person. I truly feel his passion, and dedication to helping people in their process of transforming their lives is a gift to our community."

~ Gemma G.


"Brian's unique ability to build and maintain a warm container and his loving attention as a professional were what I needed to feel safe. I could then unfold and heal some of my deepest wounds. I find that Brian has a unique talent to combine deep sensitivity and strong, grounded, masculine presence to help foster some beautiful transformative work."

~ Cedric G.


"Brian is one of those rare individuals who's leadership and teaching go beyond hard skills. Not only is he supremely competent in whatever outdoor activity he participates in, he enriches the experience for everyone around him through his passion, enthusiasm and thirst for deeper understanding and connection."

~ Kurt H.


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