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Natural Fatherhood, is a sacred journey and a journey needing a whole lot of support from the culture to function at your best. I provide support and inspiration to adult males who consider Fatherhood as an option, are currently preparing to be a Father, or are already on the Fatherhood track. They come to me with their challenges and questions, looking to break free from old patterns that are getting in the way and are committed to bringing change into their life, naturally. I am here to provide a supportive, trusting and safe container to bring break unhealthy patterns, to find meaning, purpose and a true sense of belonging in the responsibilities associated with Fatherhood. Sessions are offered in a series of 5. Through these sessions, I provide nature connection and integration for living into the role of Fatherhood, that commonly address:

  • Nature Connection - learn skills to attune your senses to Nature for stress reduction, clarity and aliveness.

  • Applied Mindfulness - take mindfulness on the move and transform your self-awareness into purpose, right action and skills in interdependence.

  • Self-Care - often a parent's needs come last in line, learn ways to make the most out of self-care time and establish healthy boundaries to make that time important to you.

  • Ritual - recover the lost art of ceremonial process to mark your transition into the role as a Father.

What you gain from this experiential process:

  • Rest... ah finally! No need to grind out some miles.

  • Clarity and Insight, by slowing down you can make more sense of what needs to change to improve your life.

  • Nature connection leads to increased availability for empathy, collaboration with your partner and creative ideas.

  • Reclaim a sense of spontaneity and play that will trickle down into your children and family life.

Sessions are 90-min per appointment, can also be doubled into 3-hr sessions.

20% discount for a series repeat.


Feeling Inspired? Great!

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